Most Common MMA Betting Types

Due to the explosion of mixed martial arts, it has become as popular as any other major league sport. The sport has plenty of advantages to offer gamblers, such as the variety of outcomes and the ability to place multiple bets on a single night.


Like in other sports, gamblers place moneyline bets on who will win the match. For instance, if the moneyline has Nurmagomedov as the favorite to beat McGregor, then placing a $100 bet would give you a $150 win.

If you’re planning on backing an underdog, take into account the various factors that an underdog might have to consider before the fight begins. Some of these include their training methods, past fights, and the conditions of the event.

Total Rounds

A total round bet is made on how many rounds the match will last. If the bet is set at 2.5 and -140, then you’ll win $100 if you placed an over bet.

Due to the number of rounds in an event and the different styles of fighters, it’s not as easy to pick favorites over/under in an MMA match. Usually, if two defensive fighters are engaged, it’s better to take on the underdog.

Winning Method

One unique bet type to MMA is the bet on how the fight will end. In this type of bet, the winner will be decided by three main factors: submission, knockout, and judge decision.

The experience of the two fighters could also help you make a winning bet. If the fight goes beyond the five rounds, then a stoppage victory could be a wise choice.


A parlay is a type of MMA betting that requires gamblers to make sure that all of the fights are won correctly. For instance, if you’re placing a $100 bet on two different fighters, you’ll need to make sure that both of them are victorious.


For instance, if you believe that McGregor will retain his title in 2019, then you can place a futures bet on him winning another title. These are offered well in advance of the event.

Prop Bets

Another type of bet that’s commonly offered in MMA is the prop bet. This type of bet can be related to a specific outcome or even the length of the fight.

Live/In-Game Betting

The ability to bet on a fight as it’s happening is also an advantage of this type of bet. If you believe that Daniel Cormier will beat Alexander Gustafsson, then place a winning bet.

Not knowing enough about the fighters

Knowing the fighters’ past performance is also important to making an accurate prediction about who will win. Doing so can help you analyze their various characteristics and weaknesses.

Betting on favorites too often

Although it’s very unlikely to win, knowing the fighters and their weaknesses can help you improve your odds of being successful.

Mismanaging your bankroll

Having a set aside a small amount of money for each bet is also a good idea to avoid making big mistakes. It’s also a good idea to minimize losses.

Choosing the wrong sportsbook

It’s also important to choose a reliable and secure online sportsbook. Having a good platform can help you minimize risks.